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Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Happy Birthday, Mom!

It's my mom's bday today. I won't post her age, but know I am her oldest and she had five kids, but look at her! :

What an amazing lady... She had five kids and has grandchildren too. She always sends care packages of fresh baked goods and things she knows you like and packs them all up with BRAND NEW SOCKS for packing material, how cool is that? AND she makes sure you get it on your bday.

This year, I made her a "Nannypack" as we call it and sent it to her, with some of her faves, some cute Nick & Nora jammie bottoms, a nice 3-tier baking rack, and a really cool over-the-knee pair of BRAND NEW SOCKS (aren't new socks just heavenly??) and she got it before her bday a couple of days, but at least it wasn't after!

It felt soo good to do it, and she loved getting it!

I LOVE YOU MOM, thanks for bringing me into this world and not taking me out when I was a ruthless, unthankful teenager, because I have nothing but gratitude and love for you now!

Have an excellent Birthday, my Mom, our Nanny, Linda Lee!

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Kitty said...

tell her happy birthday!