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Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Thanks Beth from Wilde Designs!!

So I was having a grumpy wake-up this morning, did my half mile, made Ray's lunch, kissed him goodbye and then kind of grumbled about. I reluctantly opened my email to see which jobs didn't contact me back yet, and wouldn't you know it?
... ... ...

GOOD NEWS!! Oh my goodness, a gem in my inbox!

Beth from Wilde Designs featured me in her "Manic Monday" blog yesterday, and really said some nice things! She is a very upbeat and energetic person, very infectious.... I call her action yesterday a "Karmic Recharge", LOL!!

I am also a fan of hers. She is a graphic designer in Texas and she has an Etsy shop called wildemoon and another that my 18 year old son likes, called powerups (that's Pac-Man themed)also.

A good example of the ego boost and uplifting she did for me would be characterized in one of my favorites of hers, "Helping Hands":

Beth, thanks so much... I really appreciate your time in featuring me. I'm glad you like some of the stuff in my eclectic collection. I am thrilled and honored :)
BIG hugs to you!

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