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Friday, August 7, 2009

The Party ROCKED

Andrew's 18th Bday Party was a huge success! He loves video games, so I hooked him up when it came to theme :) .

Here's a few pics, I'll write later, I have mad cleaning to do!
You see my creations:

A Pac Man Fruit Salad (of COURSE there are cherries in it!)

A Glados Anger Sphere (from Portal) Pinata

and a Portal Cake, complete with fish-shaped crackers inside, so moist and delicious!

After I get everything cleaned up and recouperate from the 8-hr party, I'll post much more.

Thanks for coming:

Kenny, Jeanette, Nick, Mike, Cooper, Kellsey, Brian, Amanda, and of course Denise, myself and EVEN Ray!

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