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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

I'm gonna be a schoolkid :), AGAIN!

Hey, long time since I told you what I was up to. Yesterday I went to examine the possibilities of going back to school. I would like to get an Associates degree first but then Bachelor's in the field of Gallery Management.

I have been unemployed since February and applied to over 5 jobs a week and still have only had two interviews. I have an Associates in Computer Info Systems from 1997 and since I was a single momma raising two babies in the city, was never able to cement myself into a serious enough position to move up the corporate ladder, and now my 12 year old technology education is pretty much obsolete (insert every single-mom inner city sob story here, no one's gonna listen anyway).

So yeah, got my first degree basically for nothing, I thought, until I realized I could go back to school and transfer in all the core classes from the first go-'round and do it again. Why not? I'm only 40, and believe me, I saw ALL ages there when I was registering yesterday, many older than me (phew!!).

Many of you may think I'm slacking but alas, I am otherwise preoccupied with NOT GIVING UP and PRESSING ON and harnessing all the positive maniacal energy I can cram into one soul and sometimes am just too riled to even sit down. As I sit here, I look forward to dropping my daughter off at work and walking the 5+ miles round trip down to the Hudson River and back today for a "karmic recharge" and the possibility that a few of that fat cells that sooo love my ample bouncing booty might jump ship and lighten my load a little!

I apologize for not reading all your excellent blogs I so appreciate and of which I am a fan in the timely fashion I would like. I always learn great things and am definitely inspired by the beautiful people I have met through blogging and Twitter. I DO look at them when I get some free time and that does happen once in a while...

So please, as always bear with me for like most of you I am a rare bird that marches to the beat of her own stuttering rhythm and sometimes don't know what to do first. I am forging ahead with my big size 11 feet and cutting a path to happiness :)

Also I hope I can inspire some of you to NEVER GIVE UP because when you do, that's when you are defeated. No matter how down you are, no one can take away your conviction and perseverance, your sense of self and your contribution to humanity.
~ a "warm fuzzies" wave of "mmmmmmm..." :) ~
be good to yourselves....

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Kitty said...

good for you!!! I quit my job four years ago and went back to school full time. It was tough and the money was tight, but it was worth every minute.

Sestias said...

Go for it! Get that degree. I went back and got 2 advanced degrees at age 40 and have worked in education ever since. At first I was self-conscious in class but I now have some students even older than I.
People change careers several times in their adult lives and are going back to school at all ages.

Vicki of RaVena Relics said...

Thanks so much, BOTH of you! This week has been a really tough adjustment period, two of the classes are online and they are two different Art Histories! ( I think my BRAIN is tired!)

It's so nice to hear that others have done it, become successes and people I admire and look up to! Thanks so much for the well wishes and encouragement!