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Thursday, August 13, 2009

A Free Ticket to the Weight Loss Follies


I walked 2.7 miles at my top speed for the last two days, but am gaining the weight back. (my weight chart is on the right over there)

WHY? I need to be honest about this... I totally threw caution to the wind this past weekend and week. My water intake has been seriously lowered (I don't like the water bottle I am using, it gets clogged and I HATE drinking off a "nipple"). I also stopped eating a little bit in the morning. I have been secretly discouraged. Stupid me, I know better.

I've also had a few drinks this week.... EMPTY calories! (I DID drink vodka and juice, which is better than my standard rum and coke.)

So yeah, I lapsed, and now I suffer the consequences. I am getting back on track TODAY.

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