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Monday, June 8, 2009

Repurposed Vintage 80s post Earrings w bonus Upcycled Ring in pink, blue, yellow, purple, green

These vintage 80's metal circular disc earrings were a plain Royal Blue until I got hold of them :)

I used some tissue paper from some 40th BDay gifts and some Weldbond non-toxic glue and turned them into pretty stained-glassish treasures....
I used an old "bone ring" bought from a vintage store and used the same technique, installing a few salvaged beads on it for some sparkly shine. It is a larger size, like an 8 to a nine so it is good on an index finger or thumb or larger sized finger.

This jives with any pink, yellow, green, purple or blue color scheme and POPS!!! with vivid color.
This set comes giftboxed.

Please reuse the box and keep it from becoming landfill...

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