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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Daisy Chain Headband or Fabric Necklace with Peace Sign button

Daisy Chain Head band can also be a fabric necklace or even a pretty Flower belt for a medium to small person. With it's little pearly Peace Sign button, it conveys a serene message while keeping you in sweet style.

It is made from a vintage daisy trim affixed to an ethereal sheer white ribbon and is adorned with a vintage pearl button that I added a bit of decoupage to.

It measures 34 inches or 86.36 centimeters from one end of the ribbon to the other. The peace sign is glazed in iridescent pixie dust and tops a 5 inch dangle of pretty flowers.

Being that this is totally adjustable, this could also be used as a fabric necklace, a belt, a hatband, armband, or wrapped to form a cuff bracelet.

The ribbon makes it sturdy enough to be tied snugly without damage to your "Daisy Chain".

It comes prettily presented in a silver Ravena Relics gift box. :)

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