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Saturday, June 13, 2009

I need to share one of my FAV sites with you!

Volition® Quote of the Minute
Where there is nothing to lose by trying and everything to
gain if successful, by all means try. Do it now.
W. Clement Stone

I am sick of the BS that a contest is "free" only to find out that to enter, I have to willingly acknowledge that in return my email address will be pimped to the 100 highest bidders in exchange for the fleeting hope I might win a t shirt.

No lie, I have REALLY won movie tickets from this site over four times (watch for the next promotion...) and also REALLY love the free stuff and contests section of their site.

Of course with anything, you have to weed through the trash to find the treasure, but these guys are pretty good about what they represent.

For you foodies, go to the "Food and Recipes" tab to enter the "Food Court" and scroll down for a whole bunch of cooking resources; my favorites being the "Cool Food Sites" and "Packaged Goods Companies" links.

Give it a try... make sure you have a cup of tea or a snack nearby, it can take you awhile the first time you go to the site, there's SO much to see!

Thanks, Ray Sola, founder of!

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