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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Daisies - Thanks Debra! FreeCycle Rocks...

So I am a gardening freak without the funds and have resorted to all kinds of (legal!!) methods of acquiring my greenery/rocks/mulch from MAJOR hiking and climbing with backpacks of stones to pooling funds with the neighbors.

We have managed to cultivate a really pretty little yard for ourselves in our little corner o' the complex.

So I was checking my mail the other day and read my FreeCycle daily digest (oh YES!!! Google "freecycle" for the yahoo group near your area and JOIN!) and saw a nice lady who was looking to share her plethora of daisies. Being that daisies are one of my favorite and definitely my daughter, Denise's, favorite flower, I grabbed a few neighbor kids and my two big ones and we trundled off to Athens, with buckets and shovel a-jangling.

Meeting Debra was an experience in itself.... this wonderful, bright and sunshiny bundle of energy and exuberance had an infectious light heart and such a warm, winning way. My 6' 3" son towered over her, shovel in hand and helpfully followed her direction as we thinned out the myriads of daisies that were enveloping her other flora. "Wow, you can see my LILIES!" she sang out, and joy spread across her face. She explained that she was from what I call "The City" (NYC) and had moved up here to get away from the blacktop and rush and into the country and lovely pace of nature.

Ms. Debra Braiman told us she is a Massage and Aroma therapist who uses essential oils, which I'm sure is just heavenly! Her email address is and her company is Young Living Essential Oils and she would be happy to answer any questions on the subject and YES she STILL has MORE daisies...

Ray and I are hoping to get married next summer and I am shooting for 100% handmade, except his suit, and these are an investment in next year. I am planting them around the perimeter of the yard and hoping they come back in time for a wedding next year, where I will bring them up to camp in Ticonderoga where we're having the ceremony.

OF COURSE I HAD to take pics of my balcony packed with daisies.... Don't worry, they'll be planted by nightfall... I also have a 4+ mile walk planned in 1/2 hr :) ....

Have a great weekend... enjoy the daisy pics... Vicki

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