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Thursday, May 21, 2009


I've been walking lately. ALOT. Being an artist is a sedentary lifestyle unless you MAKE yourself get up and get going.

After I had my kids, I lost 87 pounds just from walking an extra 5-10 miles a week. Now that I'm 17 years older, and have to lose the weight again, I'm finding it's not so easy. I have seriously cut back on my food intake, but I DO miss eating what I want. So, I am hoofing it again.

I'm also using a really cool website for incentive. It's called I'll be putting an app that streams my latest workouts here on the blog, too.

Please send me big huge amounts of positive energy. I am very uncomfortable with my weight and would like to feel light on my feet again ...

I hope you check out the site. It tracks alot more than workouts. It also tracks your weight, BMI, heart rate,water intake, even morale!



Justgivemepeace said...

You go Girl! I'm with you on this one! I don't burn a whole lotta calories sittin' on the floor coloring Peace signs, but God I love it! That's amazing that you dropped that many pounds walkin' before, you can do it! Cheeers and here's to creative inspiration from the wind, the skies, the birds and the sights along the way:)

Ravena Relics said...

Thanks so much for the positive energies, big hugs and thanks, I'm going to have to start taking my camera out with me so I can share the inspiration!