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Thursday, May 28, 2009

GARDEN FENCE Coloring Sheet PIF Pay it Forward

This is a digital copy of the original file of my Garden Fence drawing

You may have it for .20 to color yourself or share with an aspiring artist. If you REALLY love it, we will also have the original for sale; see our shop in the next couple weeks for the completed, colorized drawing.

If you buy this item, please upload your own PIF listing, or if you do not have a shop anywhere do something nice for someone!Of course, our watermark is not in the file you receive. You will receive a nice clean, high-resolution .jpeg file via email for your coloring pleasure :)

When you pay for this item, it is emailed to you (as soon as I am notified) as a digital file and you print it out for your enjoyment in the comfort of your own home/studio :).

I thought it would be fun if you show it to me when you're done. The 10th person to show me a colorized Garden Fence drawing will get a surprise one of a kind artwork sent to them via First Class US mail !!

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