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Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Crystal Silk and Steel Brooch made of 90% recycled materials

~ Crystal Silk and Steel Brooch shines, shimmers, and lusters with fiery iridescent color in a soft pallette of prism and glow. ~

It is fashioned after a miltary award/bar type pin, wrapped in pale pink silk and adorned with two iridescent chandelier crystals and a few found beads. It is all woven together with crocheted stainless steel, the pliant strength surrounding and protecting the fragile beauty within.

This brooch measures a little over 3 inches wide and almost three from the top of the crystal to the bottom of the small hanging beads.It will arrive in a pretty silver Ravena Relics gift box.This item is shipped US Priority Mail with a tracking number.

* Crystal Silk and Steel Brooch is made of 90% recycled materials *
This brooch is made of recycled cardboard packing, curtain, blouse, brass wire, and chandelier with new stainless steel wire and a found safety pin backing.This is One Of A Kind and no one else will ever have one just like it!

If you like the hat you see here, it is listed :

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