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Wednesday, December 9, 2009

on the "Bloom of the Rose" or Fading Beauty and Richard Wright wins the Turner Award,

"Beauty is only ever truly valued when it is desired,

Not possessed, just admired,

When not attainable or when it has past.

The beautiful don't know they are until last.

The fragility of beauty is its certain death,

It rests upon a numbered breath."
- Vicki Bower

Being 40, I have been entertaining my newly stimulated brain with some mortality-type internal convos lately.

I saw this wonderful artist, Richard Wright, with his gorgeous gold leaf wall painting after he was featured in for winning the £25,000 Turner Prize Dec. 6th. (Click here for that article.) The fact that his gorgeous, luminous gold leaf painting is so.... mortal, really struck a nerve in me (I have left many a mural in my wake and sometimes miss them like old friends).

Here also is a link to the article with a title I really love, "
Art Is Beautiful Again," where there is a video of the artist Richard Wright himself introducing his work.

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