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Sunday, October 25, 2009

Midterm Mania, A Serene Sunday, & listen to this perfect radio station :)

PHEW~ I had two art history midterms in the past two days, (one Modern and one Survey II) and got B's and am pretty perturbed about that! I was so revved up and ornery over it that I couldn't sleep and was up at 5 am on a SUNDAY (was actually REALLY pissed at my online classes/test format)!

I have to work on two papers today, making my annotated bibliographies. They are to be in MLA format. I had never heard of this, and if you're interested you can find an example here at Purdue's site.

In lieu of spreading my toxic angst, I am posting my favorite online radio station in a more positive action. It always seems to calm me down and inspire me, and feel like my life is a great adventure! It's called Soma FM. Here is a link to the web page, . Click the "Secret Agent" picture below and it should open in your music player.

Wait 'til you listen! You will feel like you're James Bond or something!!

ANYWAY, school is harder than my over-confident, haughty self had thought and once AGAIN I stand humbled and chastised and once again follow my sore, stubby nose back to the grindstone!

I'm feeling lots of love for anyone trying AS HARD AS THEY CAN today.... I'm sending, I hope you're receiving, it's good medicine :)

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