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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Open letter to my Artfire fans and fellow Artfire Artisans

I'm leaving Artfire. They have totally frustrated me. I had someone pass a bad check on me (google Tonya Pendley of Jasper, Alabama) that Artfire, Ebay, and Etsy KNOW is a bad check passer, and when I Twittered John he said "we have help pages and warnings posted on that subject".. totally impersonal and uncaring. They have no protection policies for this type pf thing and as an artisan you are left on your own to deal with it with no help from Artfire (no, I didn't lose any money, still have the check AND merchandise! Other artists haven't been as savvy, one got taken for over $500) So don't worry, I have been transferring everything over to Etsy... I'm not disappearing!

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