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Friday, June 26, 2009

Red Orange Orb recycled marble choker with adjustable Cord

Dusky Red Orange Orb reycled marble choker has an adjustable leather neutral or khaki colored cord and will coordinate or accent any outfit.

The knots slide to make the necklace larger or smaller. Pendant is accented with a salvaged vintage crystal clear bead and is wired securely.

Crowning it all and loosely orbiting the sunny, glowing red-orange glass is a pretty coin of iridescent seashell that further serves as a reminder that every salvaged or repurposed item is one less thing that is discarded into our oceans.
This arrives giftboxed, shipped via Priority Mail with a tracking number.


Beth said...

I see why you love the color so much - gorgeous!

Ravena Relics said...

Thanks, it just seems, juicy!

I appreciate your comment :)