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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

A New Walking Goal for the next 30 days

As some of you may know, I am an avid walker and use http// to track my walking mileage, my weight, and also to help challenge me to do more.

I have a friend on there that I met on the site that is pregnant (with her 3rd child) and walks about 75-100 miles a month! She's in Canada but that doesn't stop her from inspiring me here. Well, she has to slow down now, is due in a little over a month with her new son, and has dropped her walking goal from 100 miles to 75 this month. How could I NOT try harder?
I did 50 miles in the last 31 days, and have just signed up to do 75 in the next. I will be tracking my miles on, but you can also see my walks on the right of my blog, in the little "My Workouts" widget, if you're interested.

It's also fun to keep a camera on hand. This rose is actually a picture from one of my walks where I knocked on a door and asked a pleased lady if I could snap a shot of her gorgeous rose :).
I hope maybe I can pay my Northern friend's inspiration forward and get someone else moving. Once you develop a routine, it really is addictive! It's also fun to challenge yourself to do more.
Another nice perk... if you put your phone on "silent"... it's a nice way to get a mini-vacation from the daily grind/obligations/stressors ... if not for a few miles, at least for a few minutes :) .

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tamdoll said...

Thanks for stopping by my blog & commenting! I think I'm going to check out this walking program you've signed up for - I'm pretty sporadic, but like to get out most days for some time alone.