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Thursday, June 25, 2009

Michael Jackson finally has peace - RIP

Michael Jackson finally has his peace. He died a little while ago after being rushed to a hospital.

I have loved/hated/adored/abhorred him in many different ways throughout my life.

I felt a bond with him when he and I were kids. I'm 40 now, but used to watch his show when I got home after school. I even met people who knew his family in the 70's when I was a little Jehovah's Witness kid and felt almost famous because of it. He was also raised Jehovah's Witness, and it seems that I also felt a bond for him because we both had very hotheaded violent fathers. When I saw him dance and sing, it made me feel like everything was going to be allright; that if he could still sing after living with a family life like that, that I could, too, and in a strange way, he gave me strength.

When I was teen, he was the "King of Pop" and the king of almost any girl's heart. The first video I ever remember on TV was "Billie Jean".

I started to wonder about him as his face started to feminize, his eyebrows thin out, and his nose seemingly whittle itself away. Could he be that unhappy that he would actually try to be someone else, an androgynous white man/lady? All this as I tried desperately to be something I wasn't, desperately trying to empower myself and trying to find my way during my parents' split-up.

When I went to college, he was "Bad" and still a "Thriller" and kickin' ass and taking names... I dropped out of school and met a nice aspiring rock star and had babies.... and Michael was trying to decide if he was "Black or White".
In 1993 he was alleged to be a child molester and turned my stomach. How could he, a victim of abuse, do the same? After long charges and big messes (his marriage to Lisa Marie Presley and subsequent divorce two years later included, ), Jun 16, 2004 .."Michael Jackson agreed to pay $15.3 million to settle child molestation charges leveled against him in 1993 by a California boy."
Then in 2005, acquitted of MORE.

He managed to have three children throughout these years... I know, I KNOW!!!
Prince Michael Jackson

Paris Michael Katherine Jackson

Prince Michael Jackson II a.k.a. "Blanket" and I feel so bad for these babies... I hope they finally get some privacy. They have had to wear masks all their lives and there have only been a few times when they could go out exposed.

I send them all the positive energy I can, they are going to need it.... Where do they go now?

I hope people appreciate that these kids never asked to be a part of this. Please, let's all wish them a normal life, and also let them remember all the good that their father was, and be better people for it.

Rest In Peace, Michael Jackson.


JJones said...

The negative influence of the teachings of the Jehovah's Witnesses on Michael and his family have been either downplayed or totally ignored for as long as the Jackson Family has received public attention. For those readers who really want to know what life is like to be reared in the WatchTower Cult, nothing beats real world scenarios, and of real world scenarios, nothing beats actual civil and criminal court cases.

The following website summarizes 900 court cases and lawsuits involving children of Jehovah's Witness Parents. The summaries demonstrate how JW Families rear their children and live life day-to-day. Also included are nearly 400 CRIMINAL cases -- most involving MURDERS:


Ravena Relics said...

I was raised Jehovah's Witness until I was 15 and can tell you firsthand: Abuse happens without regard to religious belief. I had Lutheran, Methodist, and Catholic friends who were also the victim of abuse.

I also met some really wonderful people who were also Jehovah's Witnesses, Catholic, Lutheran, Muslim, Atheist, Wiccan (and more) ... and what I have found....

Being a good person is a personal choice.

I no longer practice any organized religion but have come to realize if I live my life by common sense and good will, I'll have a good life.

Do the right thing just because it's the right thing to do, treat people as you would expect to be treated, and don't do anything intentionally with a bad intent, and it will be rare that bad things will happen to you... Most misfortune is partially self-induced.

I appreciate your insight on this matter. I also agree that there has been little focus on why MJ was how he was... he started out ok, but got ruined along the way. Like I said, now he has his peace, and maybe his kids will, too.