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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

PHOENIX FLOWER necklace of Recycled Paper and Staple with beads

PHOENIX FLOWER necklace is of recycled paper and staple with beads.
I used a brass or copper heavy-duty staple I took out of a box, bent it with a cool little tool I have, mounted it with beads (the green one is made of paper), and topped it with a vintage flower button. It is accented with wooden and vintage plastic beads. All rough edges are safely and tightly turned in for happy wearing!It is on a silver box chain, 20 inches long.
It is shipped Free of Charge via First class in the US and for a small fee elsewhere via Priority Mail with a tracking number provided. "Phoenix Flower" rises from the ashes of a landfill and flies safely to you in a pretty aqua giftbox :) .

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